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fambul dem this is how we do…. 

#Rape in #Sierra Leone at an all time high


There was a protest in town today, everyone was to wear black, against sexual violence against young girls and women in Sierra Leone. There is an increase because there is little to NO ACCOUNTABILITY for perpetrators. I could not make it this morning, but i stand in solidarity…..this NEEDS to…


Maryzo Designs, a Sierra Leonean based design house that also caters for the plus size, fleshier, bodacious, curvy women…I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. 

Pray Day Gown with gold embroidery

Fambul dem, this is how we do…

"There are places and spaces and moments and walls that know of a consecrated love. There are houses that have become love holding woman together while she births her child into present existence, wide, open, pink, eyes re-adjusting to the complexity of this holy temple named universe. There are feet that walk to seek that age when lips touched, hands held, movement in the body unexplainable. There are places, rocks, flowers, tender tender leaves, clever clouds, a bright moon deeming sun that act as backdrops to the “when” meeting of two eyes, communicating, flow flawless. There are fears that loom above streets that ache to love still—erasing images of spilled blood, ancestral violence ushering in forgiveness-spirits boundless. There are palms stained with human internal matter, collages everlasting, the guns, machetes, swords, wires configure a current that electrifies memory. There are minds that travel far to retrieve and rescue touch-sensual, vulnerable, a breath that holds, a release that forgives. There are winds that carry the sage secrets of love-in love-out to countries, lands, lovers, mothers, men, walls, buildings, spirits- forgiveness distributed freely, fear discarded simply, faith restored bravely, their lives love.
fambul dem this is how we do…"

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Ada Yang, Sierra Leonean chinese artist fashion gala at Bintumani Hotel, Freetow Sierra Leone. Art & Blend


Snapping - it is a community things read more at thefatoublog



My aunt some evenings ago:

"Fatou, embarrass Satan with FAITH"

me: that is deep

my aunt: “No, that is Faith”.


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Hey Again…

Been away for about 7 months…. glad I’m back


Cockle Point


Cockle Point

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Ramadan around the world

"Muslim faithful throughout the world are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan. Observant Muslims participate in fasting (sawm), one of the five pillars of their faith, this entire Lunar month.  Eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity is prohibited from dawn until sunset. Along side restraining from bad intentions,desires, and superficial needs.  The fast is broken at sunset with the evening meal called Iftar. Local customs define varying traditions, including differing types of food used to break the daily fast. [Children, women in pregnancy/menses, sick/poor health individuals, and those traveling do not have to fast.] During this time, Muslims are also encouraged to read the entire Quran, to give freely to those in need, give charity, and strengthen their ties to God through prayer. The fasting is meant to teach a person patience, humility and sacrifice, to set aside time to ask forgiveness, practice self-restraint, and pray for guidance in the future.”

1. Thousands of Muslims gather in the Grand Mosque, in Islam’s holiest city of Mecca and home to the Kaaba (center), as they take part in dawn (fajir) prayers on August 29, 2010, to start their day-long fast during the holy month or Ramadan. (AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images) 

2.  Muslims attend Friday prayers on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan at a mosque in Beijing, China on August 21, 2009. (REUTERS/Grace Liang)

3. A child prepares food for Iftar (evening meal) before the breaking of fast on the first day of Ramadan at Memon Mosque in Karachi, Pakistan on September 2, 2008. (REUTERS/Athar Hussain)

4. A Somali refugee girl reads the holy Koran at the Liban integrated academy at the Ifo refugee camp in Dadaab, near the Kenya-Somalia border August 2, 2011. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

5. Muslim children pray at a mosque during the month of Ramadan in Manila, in the Philippines on August 23, 2009. (Junie Doctor/AFP/Getty Images)

6. A member of Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, lower left, participates in an Iftar, the evening meal when Muslim break their fast during Ramadan, August 17, 2010 at Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. The Islamic center invited frontline responders for Ramadan dinner to show appreciation and foster increased understanding. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

7. Taken with a time lapse exposure, a Indian Muslim man stands in front of the Jama Masjid as he and other worshippers leave following the breaking of the fast and prayers on the first night of Ramadan in New Delhi, India on July 21, 2012. (Kevin Frayer/Associated Press)

8. Students recite the Holy Koran during Madrasa class at Al-Nour Islamic school in the historic center of Stone Town in the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar on July 21, 2012. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

9.  A young Muslim boy passes his free time while waiting for Iftar at Al-Kautsar, Javanese Muslim Community, located in the Commewijne district in Suriname, South America. 2010 (© Ertugrul Kilic)

10. Emiratis and expats share an Iftar and talk about Islam and about the things that make us different and the things that make us all same - at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, in Dubai on September 3rd, 2010. (© Borisz Merei)

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